Convince English copywriting service

Are you confident that your English language marketing documents increase your sales?

You know that…

  • In tough times your exhibition handouts must ensure contacts become sales
  • In a quality-focused market your websites must be free of English errors
  • In a competitive market your datasheets must do more than just inform
  • In an information-rich world your press releases must be attention grabbing

Over the past year alone we have handled more than 60 cases for technology companies based in
Taiwan, Europe, and the US.
Convince writes the words that turn your marketing documents into effective selling tools

Call Convince copywriting on 03-5277821 to transform your English language marketing documents and build your global sales

Key Clients

To date, Convince has produced copy covering:

POS systems, specialty lighting, avionics, printers, solar panels, mobile computing, LCD monitors, hard disks, scanners, solid state drives, optical drives, network attached storage, and advanced medical technology.

The proof is in the Numbers:

  • 75% of companies that contact us directly become regular clients
  • 94% of first quotes are agreed upon without change*
  • 100% of final copies are accepted

On average it takes only 4.8 days from quote to first draft

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