Infographic – 8 basic ways to get your press release read

infographic- Press Release readership


  1. Make sure that the NEWS is really NEWS
    It’s not enough to have a message that you want to tell the reader – the reader has to feel that the contents are really news. When people take time to read the news in your press release they are exchanging their time and effort for your message. If a press release doesn’t make them curious or doesn’t seem relevant to them that exchange won’t happen.
  2. Have one central message
    To be effective press releases need to be like news stories, after reading one you want the reader to have learned the point of the story (i.e. your marketing message). If the release contains too many products, too many messages at the same time, or doesn’t appear to have point then the reader simply won’t know what you are really trying to say.
  3. Do the research
    Reporters research news stories to make sure that they don’t make embarrassing mistakes. Do the same thing and remember to read your competitors’ releases so that you can write a better release and know exactly how to make your product sound more attractive.
  4. Use an interesting headline
    If your headline makes the press release sound uninteresting no one is going to read it because no one is going to look passed the dull headline – which means you’ve just wasted a lot of time and an opportunity. Work to create a headline that’s relevant to your readers and interesting enough for them to want to read more.
  5. Write a news story, not an ad
    Press releases are written in the journalistic style for a good reason – if you write up a release more like an advertisement readers and editors become skeptical, so it will get ignored. The aim of the press release is to sound like an enthusiastic journalist with exciting news so that your release is read and trusted.
  6. Include just enough detail
    Press releases are there to create interest in new products, new services, or give company news. They are there to trigger further action, not complete the sales process. Including too much detail such as all of the product spec will make the press release too long and mean that the key spec you wish to highlight get lost amongst a page of numbers – tell them what you want them to know the and give them a way to find the rest.
  7. Use a quote
    Quotes are magic…They are the one place in a press release where you can talk directly to reader, the one place where sounding like an ad might be forgiven, the one place that you can highlight with formatting, and the one place that you can comfortably put an opinion for a journalist to write about.
  8. Keep your press release under 2 pages
    Customers, dealers, newspaper editors, and all the important people that you want to read message lead hectic lives. Keep your press release under two pages and they might spare you the time, make it much longer long and they definitely won’t.