Work for Convince

Work for Convince as a copywriter


Do you…

♦ enjoy learning about technology?

♦ have some experience in sales or marketing?

♦ love the challenge of finding creative approaches?

♦ like being paid to write?

…then join us as a Convince Copywriter

We’re looking for…

Knowledge – you should have a working knowledge of a wide variety of common technologies. An in depth understanding of a specific high-technology area is a distinct advantage.

Experience – ideally, you will have experience in sales or marketing, preferably in the technology sector.  Alternatively, we will consider candidates with backgrounds in copywriting, journalism, or technical writing.

English ability – you must speak English as your mother tongue.  You’ll need to be able to write fluently, stylishly, and with vibrancy.  But, you’ll have the skills to vary your writing style to match the project needs.

Qualifications – someone with a bachelor’s/master’s degree in a technology field, engineering, marketing, business studies, psychology, or English.

Honesty – clients have to trust us to develop material for products that are not yet on the market, and that means respecting the NDA 100 percent. Also, we’ll make sure we’re honest with you, so we need you to be honest in the way you work with us. For example, we need you to tell us if you have problems understanding a technical explanation.

Dependability – once the client and project team agree on a deadline, it has to be met no matter what happens.  Candidates need to be able to meet these tight deadlines.

We offer…

Support – at Convince we care about quality,  so we don’t give you an assignment and just leave you to struggle. The project manager will work with you throughout the project and be there to support you. Additionally, an experienced copywriter will always be available should you need guidance.

Compensation – we believe that payment for work should be fair and transparent. This means that your fee will reflect a straight percentage of our pre-tax fees (see our fees page as a guide to how much the client pays.)

Reliability – as long as you meet the deadline, follow the brief, and complete the work to the required standard you will be paid after the agreed-upon completion date. Payment is typically by direct bank transfer.

Flexibility – being a Convince copywriter is the perfect job for professors or experienced people raising children at home. We only ask that you stay in full contact with the project manager and have the work done on time.

To apply, please send a résumé, any samples of previous work, and half a page of copy pitching yourself to with the subject: Copywriter Position.


At the moment, we do not need additional copyeditors, but if you would like to be considered in the future, please send a résumé and cover letter to with the subject: Copyeditor Position.

Project Managers

We are in the process of refining our requirements and payment system for project managers. Positions for this role will be open once this is complete. If you are interested in more details, please send a résumé and cover letter to with the subject: Project Manager Position.