A very different time 1966 promotion

Rexall ad from Life Magazine

Life Magazine, 1966 March 18th

Looking through some old Life magazines for inspiration and came across this Rexall ad from 1966, it struck me as  a wonderful example of the period…an age when you could easily tie in general drugstore promotions with the launch of an Alice in Wonderland cartoon TV series. And remember kids there’s a free comic book with all Rexall products including our 100 bottle of aspirin.

The Lunchtime Ad Challenge

AD-Va Va Voom

The concept:


Simply guess the product being advertised


A little lunchtime fun: we Brits love our TV commercials to entertain and tease. Unlike our Atlantic cousins in the American market we have a low tolerance for ads that sell, but don’t engage. Sometimes that means that the ads that follow the mantra “let me entertain you” also follow the mantra “let’s hide what we’re selling until they’ve watched for a while”, this game as about those ads:

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