A very different time 1966 promotion

Rexall ad from Life Magazine

Life Magazine, 1966 March 18th

Looking through some old Life magazines for inspiration and came across this Rexall ad from 1966, it struck me as  a wonderful example of the period…an age when you could easily tie in general drugstore promotions with the launch of an Alice in Wonderland cartoon TV series. And remember kids there’s a free comic book with all Rexall products including our 100 bottle of aspirin.

Classic ad: “Because I’ve know you all my life”
– a reminder about influence

What good copy is really about

Chivas-Regal, father's day ad
With the mobile web, SEO, and twitterized 10-second attention spans writing marketing material sometimes seems so different from just a short while ago. But writing for marketing (i.e. real copywriting) is still at heart the art of putting words together to increase sales. So as I sit here typing out long copy for SSDs, software, and rare gases  here is an example of good copywriting from David Abbott. And reminder (as much to myself than others) that B2B or B2C the real skill of the job is in finding the best approach to influence actions.

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David Ogilvy TV Interview

David Ogilvy interview from the television show, The Open Mind, 1982

A little lunchtime viewing for you now, from the current affairs show The Open Mind.  Richard Heffner interviews David Ogilvy on political advertising, the effect of advertising on society, and problems with contemporary advertising.

About Advertising – The Open Mind, 1982

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Mary Wells and AMC Life 1967

About Mary Wells Lawrence

MaryWells from Life megazine
Born in 1928 Mary Wells Lawrence is one of the greatest living copywriters and ad executives.  She is rightfully credited with being the first female to break into the men’s club that was the ad world of the 50s & 60.  However the impact of her many innovative campaigns should not be underestimated.  In 1966 she co-founded Wells Rich Greene, with this agency she challenged staid traditional advertising, and explored the more imaginative side of marketing.  The more creative campaigns that we see today are a direct result of this pioneering work.

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