Computex English news doesn’t show “Made in Taiwan” quality

Made in Taiwan

We started Convince because we believed that Taiwanese companies needed to have professional English marketing texts in order to compete with Japan and Korea.  So we’re very happy to see Taiwanese companies taking their global marketing seriously and moving towards the more profitable own-brand market.   It’s great to see the MIT – Made in Taiwan campaign emphasizing the quality of Taiwanese manufacturing.  But it’s incredibly frustrating to see the mail that global buyers got from Computex today, plagued with high-school level English errors, it made Taiwan’s biggest exhibition look completely unprofessional.  

The news items sent out by Computex are a form of advertising – their purpose is to advertise Taiwan’s innovation, the quality of its products, and to encourage buyers to come to the show. On behalf of all the companies we work with,  I ask the organizers of Computex 2011 – Taipei Computer Association– please represent Taiwan and Made In Taiwan better.
The full length version of the Computex article is here:
Security surveillances are becoming more intelligent and custom-built
I’ve asked a couple of copyeditors to make corrections so you can see the number of errors for yourself

Computex Article with Track Changes

It is deeply unfair for this to be an advertisement of the work of engineers, researchers, and managers in Taiwan. Computex 2011 exists to generate sales; all the exhibition materials from both Computex and individual companies are important in helping to generate those sales. With that thought in mind I encourage the Taipei Computer Association to be more careful with the material that they send to international buyers.

Note to Taipei Computer Association - the word Assoication is misspelled at the bottom of every Computex page.