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Security surveillance is becoming more intelligent and custom built

Security surveillance is facing overall digitalization that is driving many ICT manufacturers to develop more sophisticated, "intelligent" surveillance applications and peripheral equipment. The world’s most comprehensive , ICT industry supply- chain exhibition, COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2011, will showcase the most complete solutions of security surveillance control that are directed toward digitalization, are network-enabled, and mobile, They are, furthermore, the most promising trend for the future, according to organizer Taipei Computer Association (TCA).

The l atest products, such as the IP network camera, digital video server (DVS), network video recorder (NVR) and others such as automatic image analyzers, controlled from a mobile phone after installing a software application, allows remote monitoring of certain areas that determines whether any illegal activity is tak ing place. It will notify the home owner immediately via mobile phone or tablet PC of any police action undertaken to arrest intruders.

Upgrading IC chipsets with additional functions, and improving image digitization; overall security surveillance through IP 

According to the reports from In-Stat, it is estimated that the global output value of security surveillance products including the analog video recorder, IP I nternet camera, DVR, NVR and other camera over IP devices will be worth US $15 billion by 2014. The top three products are the video recorder, servers, and IP cameras; the IP camera will experience extraordinary growth of at least 67% by 2014, compared to that of 2010. 

The image IC chipsets continue to be upgraded with more functions. One such function which also integrates IP communication technology greatly reduces installation complexity. During the COMPUTEX TAIPEI exhibition, manufacturers, including Planet Technology, AV Tech, Micronet, KYE Systems, StarVedia, Zavio, Global Digitech, SAMPSON TAIWAN, along with others, will display IP cameras with the latest technology, such as wide- angle viewing, built-in recorder capability and other functions that greatly increase storage capacity.

NVR becomes main stream, with a breakthrough in image- analyzer technologies, and open new applications.

TCA stated that because the unit price of an IP camera product declines daily , many manufacturers are being forced to introduce wireless broadband capability into the IP cameras as a basic function in order to stay competitive with in the market. In addition, many ICT manufacturers have introduced various kinds of multi-functional network NVR with many functions such as H.264/MPEG-4 and M-JPEG. Additionally, services that remotely control video are becoming popular. This video equipment comes with support from either the Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF) or the Physical Security Interoperability Alliance (PSIA).

Local manufacturers, including QNAP, AV Tech, Thecus, Planet Technology, Kingdom Communication Associated (KCA), Micronet, Synology, Plustek and others will display the latest NVR products during Computex Taipei.

COMPUTEX TAIPEI offers the most complete procurement platform of the latest security surveillance products.

TCA noted that in addition to the NVR and IP Camera, there are many security surveillance products and peripheral equipment that local manufacturers such as Lex Computer, Lee Ming Industrial, MaxTronic, YUAN High-Tech Development, ICP DAS and others will be displaying.  They will also be showing IPC motherboards, waterproof LCD monitors, an array of video- recorder storage systems, high-resolution video recorders, add-on cards, and watch-dog po
wer supplies. Therefore, COMPUTEX TAIPEI is definitely the most complete procurement platform displaying the latest  security surveillance products available to overseas buyers.

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