David Ogilvy TV Interview

David Ogilvy interview from the television show, The Open Mind, 1982

A little lunchtime viewing for you now, from the current affairs show The Open Mind.  Richard Heffner interviews David Ogilvy on political advertising, the effect of advertising on society, and problems with contemporary advertising.

About Advertising – The Open Mind, 1982


Notable Ogilvy quotes from the show

On the nature of Political Advertising 3m 35s

“Political advertising is the most dishonest advertising there is there is. If I wrote advertising as mendacious, as crooked, as misleading, for products as those guys, those politicians, get written in elections, I’d be put in prison”


On one reason why he wouldn’t take political advertising 6m 33s

“They’re so fascinating those presidential campaigns whenever an advertising agency does them that’s all it does. People become riveted by it, and they concentrate on it for six months, and not to the great advantage of their normal clients.”


On TV commercials 7m 46s

“I turned on the television in my bedroom of the hotel in which I’m staying and I can not believe the  volume of advertising, the clutter, simply nauseating….I wonder if there’ll be adverting on TV ten years from today”


On advertising and needs 12m 40s

“A lot the highbrows say that advertising makes people want things they don’t need. Who decides what people need or not?”


On the effect of advertising on society 18m 32s

“Advertising has helped create a demand by poor underprivileged people for a better life, and it’s helped to get them a better life”


On celebrity endorsements 20m 40s

“We find that celebrity commercials are far above average in being remembered and being recalled, but far below average in persuading people to buy the products. The celebrity commercials sell the celebrity, but not the product”

Video embedded from The Open Mind  segment of The Internet Archive


Host: Richard D Heffner, (1925- ), University Professor of Communications and Public Policy at Rutgers University. Longtime host and creator of the current affairs show The Open Mind.

Guest: David Ogilvy, (1911-1999), renowned advertising executive and copywriter.  Author of the best-selling books Ogilvy on Advertising & Confessions of an Advertising Man.