English Copywriting service
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    What is the difference between technical writing (such as manuals or support documentation) and copywriting (such as brochures and exhibition handouts)?

    Although they may both be about technical products, they have very different purposes and so are written in very different ways. The purpose of technical writing is simply to inform. The main purpose of copywriting is to sell. The writer must be able to convince the customer to buy. This means that the copywriter must understand the psychology of buying and the customer’s needs.

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    I haven’t had customer complaints about the level of English on my website and DMs. Does that mean that the errors don’t matter?

    No, the reason that customer’s didn’t complain is because they didn’t become your customers. Just as you would if you saw many Chinese errors on a website – they went to purchase from a company with fewer errors in their marketing documents that gave a better impression of professionalism and being quality focused.

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    If the marketing material you produce isn’t what I expected or our product specification changes, will you revise the text for me?

    Yes, of course. We want you to be 100 percent happy and will make unlimited changes without charge until you are satisfied.

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    Are there any quick ways I can improve my marketing materials?

    The simplest way to improve marketing materials is to rewrite them from a customer viewpoint. About 85 percent of the English marketing material we see in Taiwan is written from the seller’s perspective. Think about how your customers make their purchasing decisions, and write your copy to focus on why they should make the decisions to buy your product from you.

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    My English marketing documents provide basic information about our products, isn’t that enough?

    Ask your sales staff whether they meet with a customer, and hand the customer basic information, and the customer then signs a contact. The answer will be "no" – salespeople inform customers of the benefits for your particular product, tell the customers why they should buy from your company, overcome objections, and work hard to persuade customers to sign the contract. Your marketing documents should work just as hard to get the sale as your sales staff. The documents should work to make the selling process faster and more effective. Documents that only provide basic information don’t work to get the sale.

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    One of my staff studied for his master's degree in America. His English should be good enough, shouldn’t it?

    It’s not just about understanding English. Studying overseas is not a substitute for English language copywriting skills. Most big American companies such as IBM, AT&T, Praxair, Westinghouse, Sony America, GE, and Microsoft, use external copywriters, even though the companies are based in America. Why? Because they understand that professional copywriters can get their marketing message to their customers more effectively. Enabling them to sell more and increase their profits.

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    Isn’t a translation of my Chinese marketing material good enough?

    If you’ve studied English or lived overseas in the past you’ll know how great the difference is between Asian and Western logic, culture, and language structure. Translating from Chinese to English doesn’t take into account of these differences… even a good translation will still be based on Taiwanese logic. For a document to be persuasive in English, a native speaker must write it.

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    How is writing for B2B customers different from B2C customers?

    The most fundamental difference is that B2B customers have “needs and requirements” not the “wants and desires” of B2C customers. Documents written for B2B customers have to be focused on their needs, requirements, and their decision making process.

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    Can you work in languages other than English and Chinese?

    Currently we only have copywriters capable of working in English and Chinese. We may add other languages if there is enough demand and if we can find suitable staff.

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    How can we judge the quality of copywriting?

    A. Look at the language used: Is it written from the customers viewpoint? Does it talk to your customers the way your salespeople do? Does it persuade the customer to take the next stap in the buying process?
    But, basically, the bottom line is – when you get good copywriting from us, you’ll see the increase in the sales figures and inquiries, and then you’ll know that it’s good copywriting.

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    I feel my DM looks attractive, so why should I spend money to buy the words?

    Marketing is a four stage process AIDA – Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. Good graphics get attention, but this is no use without the remaining stages. The job of the words in your DM is to take the attention, convert that attention into interest, use that interest to create desire for your product, and, then convert that desire into actions that result in sales. Copywriting provides you with the words to complete the whole process- without good copywriting, you are only a quarter of the way there.

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    My customers only buy on price, why should I use a copywriter?

    First, almost no client purely decides to buy on price. Even if the price is the most important factor in their decision, there are always other factors such as quality, delivery times, and reliability. Good copy emphasises these and increases the perception of value. Customers choose the company that they perceive as giving them best value for their money.
    Second, to improve margin by moving away from price-focused customers you must improve your sales copy. If sales copy is weak, only customers looking for a low price will contact you. To compete at any other level you must be able to explain your advantage.

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    Can I use the same English copy in each market?

    Ideally no - different markets have different cultural codes for products and, different norms and values. For example, the hard sell used in American direct mail has a low response rate when used in Britain, and the humor often found in Australian print advertising would be seen as childish in the US. However, we at Convince understand that most marketing budgets are very limited, we will craft text that is most effective in your key markets, but can work well enough in secondary markets.

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    Why haven’t I heard of this kind of English language service before?

    English language copywriting services are common across the US, Canada and in Europe. In East Asia for instance, multiple companies can be found in Japan, China (especially Hong Kong), and even Korea. Strangely despite being a major manufacturing country, Taiwan has very few copywriting companies. As Taiwan moves away from the OEM model, we expect demand to grow.

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    Is copywriting related to copyrights and IP rights?

    No, unfortunately the English sounds the same. A copywriter simply writes copy – copy is the text used in advertisements and on sales material to sell products and services. It has nothing to do with intellectual property, and yes, we too find it annoying that they sound the same.