Our fees are always calculated in New Taiwan Dollars, but for our international clients we are able to accept payment in any of the following:

US Dollars, Euros, British Pounds, Japanese Yen, Hong-Kong Dollars.

Let us know if you wish to pay in one of these when you request a quote.

We believe in keeping our pricing policy simple and transparent, saving you both time and money.

Prices are based on the number of final pages you need, and each A4 equivalent page can be up to 400 words (prices exclude 5% sales tax.)


There are two pricing levels

It depends on whether you require us to develop effective copy specifically for you (Convince Prime)or merely correct and refine English copy that you have written already(Convince Express):

convince prime

Convince Prime

Freshly-written marketing materials that directly address your customers

$4000 NTD per Prime unit

Example: You require a press release written to generate awareness of a new product, and want 750 words (about 2 A4 pages). The charge would be 2 Prime units, so the total is 2 x $4000 NTD

Tell us how many pages you require, and we will write your copy to that size. If you are unsure of the amount of text required, e.g., for video or speeches, please telephone or e-mail us.

Convince Prime requires no existing copy- our team will undertake all the research necessary to produce the most professional, effective marketing copy for your project.

Convince Express

Convince Express

If you have existing marketing materials and simply require Convince to check, correct, and improve them

$1300 NTD per Express unit

Example: You have six 200-word product descriptions in your brochure that you require corrected and improved.

1200 words in total 3 units so the total is 3 x $1300 NTD

Convince Express modifies your existing English copy so that you can be totally confident that your English documents are error free and then one of our copywriters will work to ensure that they clearly communicate your intended message.

Choose Convince Prime or Convince Express and contact us to get a formal quote

Note:These fees are our normal charges and include the cost of all research, if you have exceptional needs, for example, a speech written overnight, charges may be higher, and we will inform you of this and include it in the quote before the case starts. Payment is made by bank transfer upon case completion. We reserve the right to charge a deposit.

Our writers have produced:

press releases, brochures, case studies, websites, datasheets, advertisements, company videos, introductory PowerPoints, packaging, commercials, speeches, marketing templates, competition entries, exhibition handouts, magazine articles, and independent reviews.

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