Convince prime service

Convince Prime – The process in detail

The Convince Prime service provides copy that is specifically researched and produced for your project. A dedicated team works together to craft persuasive marketing text for your needs.  The result is copy that produces more sales, builds your brand image, and meets your marketing targets.

1. Contact

Once you’ve contacted Convince, a project manager will be assigned to discuss your needs, dates for drafts, and completion date.


Based on your requirements, we’ll e-mail you a combined quote-contract priced according to our transparent pricing policy. Simply sign it and return it to us*
(If you haven’t worked with Convince before, an NDA will also be sent out.)

3. Creation

Creating effective copywriting is a complex task, but all you need to do is take part in a telephone briefing and provide us with support documents, such as specification (these can be in Chinese or English). To know what we do in more detail read on:

  • Research – The research for your project starts with a telephone briefing; we’ll use this to understand the details of your project and obtain the information we need to make the copy work for you. Once the briefing is done, our team works together to conduct further research including, competing products, customer profiles, market conditions, product technology, and relevant trends. If we have questions about the style or strategy, we’ll contact you at this point.
  • Writing – Once the research is complete the copywriter will develop a document strategy. This is combined with the briefing information, research findings, and experience to create your marketing copy.
  • Copyediting – The copy is proofread and copyedited by a separate copyeditor or by the project manager. This tightens up the style of the text and ensures that it’s error free.

4. Review

The copy is used in your company name, so it’s important that you’re 100% happy with the contents. We’ll send you a first draft for review. Typically, you’ll also be given a selection of headlines/taglines and possibly a choice of paragraphs. Please check the technical details in the draft, because you understand your product better than we ever could. We will make any changes you require without charge up to the agreed completion date.

5. Completion

When we’ve confirmed the final copy with you, we’ll send out a project closing sheet, which should be signed and e-mailed back to us. We’ll then send out a standard invoice. Invoices are to be paid within 30-days unless otherwise agreed in writing in advance.

*very occasionally, we may ask for a 30% deposit for new clients or for larger projects