Case Study A

Convince English copywriting service

The client is a well-known manufacturer that exports a range of B-to-B technology products that are normally sold by dealers as part of integrated systems. The client first approached Convince with an unusual request; they wanted our copywriting to help them win a major competition at a major trade show.  The deadline for the full application was a mere six days away.

They had already made an initial application to the competition describing the product by specification – this put it alongside 11 technically similar products that judges would see in the global trade show. In addition, although the new product was very strong, the client recognized that to have any chance of winning the competition, they had to find a different approach. They asked Convince to produce professional copy that could set the company apart. After conducting a telephone briefing with the client, we started research into the product, judges and previous competition winners. By focusing on the feedback from the client’s testing programs, we were able write copy that created the image of the product as the center of a flexible system focused on applications. This approach mentally removed the product from the crowded marketplace and allowed the judges to see its true potential. Our research had also shown that many of the judges had more often selected products with a strong background story over competing entries that simply described products. Therefore, we built a background story concept based on our client’s testing and experiences.

This flexible system/story approach combined with the excellent quality of the product brought it all the way to the final round. Building on the positive publicity from the competition, the client contracted Convince to expand on the concepts we had introduced and write sales related copy for the product (press releases, website copy, and video scripts). Working with Convince means that the client’s marketing staff can concentrate on building global sales and be certain that it has strong English-language marketing materials.

The product is now one of the top selling products in its field, has gone on to win international innovation awards, and has helped the company win prestigious national awards. Convince continues to work with the client producing copy that- supports the in-house marketing team- increases sales, and turns new product releases into success stories.