Case Study B

English Copywriting service

One of our ongoing clients is a large company selling a number of technology products in the B-to-C market. It contacted Convince to improve the marketing material used in its key overseas markets. We started by working with the client to quickly build a brand profile, then researched the customer base, market environment, competitors, and product range. With its feedback, we developed a copy profile and a house style for its material.

Now when the client wants to launch a new product it just supplies us with the specification (in English or Chinese) and gives us a quick e-mail briefing, including the product features that it wishes to emphasize. We then combine this with our knowledge of the brand and our experience, and we use the client’s house style to rapidly produce a marketing template for the product. The templates contain a half-page of long copy and, marketing descriptions for all features, along with short and long product taglines.

These marketing templates are used as the basis for all English language marketing materials around the world, and they are translated for use in other countries. Packaging, web-pages, datasheets, and press releases all use the text derived from the marketing templates.

By working with Convince, the client is able to get the professional marketing text it needs, while retaining tight control of product and brand image at headquarters.