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Social Networking

social networking

Despite being an environment that we’re all familiar with social networks are a challenge for marketers.  Working with an experienced company like Convince ensures that your social mediaBoth your staff and customers spend a lot of time of social networks. How can you use these new tools to effectively promote your product , create new sales channels,  provide support, and build customer loyally? campaigns maximize their effectiveness  and reach.

We develop custom plans to match the individual budget and aims of each client and continue to modify the methods according to fan response.

Video Production

Once the realm of only the richest of companies, video and simple animation is now available to all. Investors can watch messages from your CEO.  The media can receive broadcast quality footage of a new product to go with a press release.  Animations can announce contests on your Facebook page. The possibilities are endless and exciting.

Convince brings a fresh approach to video that’s designed to help you communicate with Generation YouTube.  This is our newest service and we’re still discovering different ways that we can use it to deliver value to our clients.

High grade HD video your provides your  product, service,and company with a new form of professional communication

video prodution

Tech: Panasonic GH3 cameras capable of broadcast quality video (European HD Tier 2J or HD Tier 2L with external recorder).  As used by…


Content Development

Developing an in-depth relationship with your customers, fans, and distributors requires content that explains advantages, solves problems, and makes your product  a greater part of their lives.

From character driven explanations to advanced technical newsletters,  there are many opportunities to engage customers and with our help it’s easy to build that relationship.

Press releases

A professional carefully crafted press release can be the difference between getting your product the media attention it deserves and being ignored.

Our copywriters have created releases on topics from interactive pens, to software, SSDs, visualizers, restaurants,  IP cameras,  POS systems, hotels, tablets, and contests.

We’ll work with you to understand how to deliver your news in a way that maximizes the benefits to you

B2B  Copywriting

As a B2B business your marketing requirements are different,  you have  to show that you can meet the needs of customers and demonstrate the advantages of your company

Effective B2B marketing goes beyond informing  potential customers and integrates into the selling process by actively helping your sales team to close deals

Having worked on a number of B2B projects for key clients we are able to offer website refreshes, newsletters, press releases, brochures, and video scripts.

Contest Development and Management

A good contest makes advertising fun and enjoyable , it slips under the skeptical eye of today’s consumer, putting your product and brand at the center of their attention for an extended period of time.  Contests are an ideal tool to use during festivals, when launching an new products, or as part of an integrated marketing strategy

On average we develop eight major online contests a year for clients, many of them are Facebook applications or built on websites.   We can deliver the combination of creativity, organization, and logistics needed to make your contest a success.

contest 3


Radio and Voice

  • Radio reaches more than 241.3 million Americans each week
  • 89 million Americans listen to online radio every month
  • Your product, contest, or event can reach millions across America cost effectively with Convince’s help
  • If you need voiceovers for video in English or other languages we can provide those too