What do we do

Convince English copywriting service

Experienced in :


Simply put, Convince can produce any form of marketing text in English you might need :

  • Press Releases
  • Brochures
  • Case Studies
  • Datasheets
  • Webpages
  • Landing Pages
  • Slogans
  • Naming
  • Commercials
  • Speeches
  • Marketing Templates
  • Competitions
  • Magazine Articles
  • Exhibition Handouts
  • Independent Reviews





Social Media

Managing and promoting :

  • Facebook
  • VK
  • Linkedin pages
  • Blogs



Content Generation

  • Technical Articles
  • Videos
  • Animation
  • Event Reporting




  • Online Contests
  • Specialist Traning
  • Voiceovers
  • Ad placement/Management



What is “Copy”?

In marketing terms, “copy” refers to the written words used in printed marketing documents such as magazine advertisements or brochures as well as spoken words used in TV commercials, hence the term “copywriter”.

How does it work?

You contact us with your requirements. We exchange paperwork by e-mail. A Convince Project Manager will call you and conduct a telephone briefing. The Project Manager works with one of the copywriters to research and write text that meets your needs. This is checked and sent to you. If you require any changes, we make them. Once you’re happy, we close the case and issue an invoice. Simple and efficient.

Key Roles

Project Manager – Convince’s project manager will be your main point of contact for the project. They co-ordinate the briefing, research, copy creation, and administration for the project. They are just an e-mail or call away if your needs change.

Copywriter – Our copywriter works with the project manager during the briefing process, takes the time to do the additional necessary research, and then crafts persuasive copy that meets the brief. What makes our copywriters different from our competitors’ is the combination of writing skills, technical knowledge, and typically, a sales background.

Copyeditor – These experts have two key roles in the process. First, they guarantee that there are no grammatical or usage errors in the final copy. Second, and more importantly they smooth and refine the language used, making it even easier for the message to effectively reach the target customer.

Client – Typically, our client is a technology company with offices in four or more countries. Often our contact is the marketing manager. As we understand that this is a busy position, we aim to gather all the information we need during the initial briefing. At times, we may need to check further technical details of the product just to make sure that the copy is accurate.

Target Customer – At the center of everything we write is the target customer. The customer will read the document from his or her own perspective. The message in the marketing document will only be effective if we can relate it to the customer’s needs & values. By listening to the client and conducting good research, we try to get into the mind of the target customer. This allows us to write for the customer who will buy the product rather than to try to sell it.

Not every project has both a copyeditor and copywriter -the project manager with check copy on smaller projects, such as press releases and landing pages.