T.I.M.E. Marketing

Convince English copywriting service

By Steve Wallace & Bob Cook

The effective marketing technique for B2B technology marketing


B2B advertising that is written for everybody is read by nobody. The more customized your message, the more likely it is to be read by the people you want to read it. Targeted marketing writes for businesses, but understands that businesses have different decision makers who decide what to purchase. Targeted marketing writes different material for different levels of the company hierarchy. A senior engineer wants to know detailed technical information. The manager wants to know benefits. The purchasing department wants to understand the price. All of these concerns must be addressed through targeted marketing messages.


99% of advertising is thrown away or completely ignored. We live in a world of excess advertising messages. We “tune out” most of the messages we see every day without paying attention. However, customers still desperately need “good information”. Companies look for tips and advice they can apply to save money, get customers or increase quality. Companies want information to use, on the job, tomorrow. Thus, T.I.M.E. marketing’s well written, informative press releases, articles, user manuals, websites, white papers and sales letters become essential, because these educate customers in their field while offering solutions to their problems.


One complaint about marketing is that it is difficult to measure its success. Marketing becomes a black hole where money keeps disappearing for pictures and cute sentences without any measurable increase in sales. If sales do increase it is difficult to say why. A company can spend a fortune being noticed, but being noticed isn’t the same as selling, especially is you are being noticed by the wrong people. T.I.M.E. marketing is measured its’ return can be evaluated and the information can be modified. This helps sales as well as Research and Development. When a company knows what customers want, they can direct their efforts on developing the areas with the greatest return.


B2B marketing is by definition about reaching businesses not consumers. T.I.M.E understands B2B buyer psychology, rather than adopting short term consumer messages. It accepts that business purchases are motivated by needs not desires, functions not fads, utility not beauty, budgets not extravagance. With this goal in mind T.I.M.E. marketing customizes its message to the needs of a business buyer instead of end consumers. By targeting enterprises with informative material while measuring its impact, companies can maximize every marketing dollar and develop reputation as a reliable and knowledgeable supplier.